About us


About Us

FeelMorocco is a well-established company, located in the city of Errachidia in Morocco, specialized in organizing trips around all the country. It was built by a professional team their goal is to fulfill the wishes of its clients by introducing them to truly unique people and places.

We offer local knowledge and experience. Our ambition is for every traveler to see, feel, touch and breathe with real-life experience

*Quality & Service are our first priority. Our impeccable attention to detail, rigid quality control standards and highly experienced staff ensure that every trip with us is an unforgettable one.

*Creativity & Insider Access. We tailor-make programs that match your needs and we make sure that we offer something unique, with experienced local guides, finely adapted to your personal expectations and connected to the people and culture, to deliver breathtaking moments.

Why FeelmoroccoTours?

Tours and discoveries

Our goal is to provide well-designed tours and trips that give you the chance to discover the essence and the culture of the country and all the corners that reflect the history of Morocco and its pure Beauty.The experience of our guides and their fun spirit will make the tour more enjoyable, there is also the option to create your own tour with the places that you would love to visit and we help you put it in a perfectly enjoyable tour.


When it comes to accommodation,  knowing how important is for a traveler to have the best rest possible before starting another adventure the next day, and as that in every zone or region in Morocco has its own style and criteria of quality our job is to make sure you get the best accommodation that delivers the standards of comfort and suitability that meet your needs.

Your Satisfaction comes first

We make sure that every step we make and every tour we design provides that satisfaction and the quality that every traveler looking for, we take advantage of how well we know Morocco that the only thing you can think about is how to enjoy every place of your visit, however we are all open to your comments and critics because there is always a room to improve.

How do we work?

Tell us about your ideal trip and the kind of experiences you would like to include. And we will try to connect all your ideas in very interesting trip

By Email or phone, we will discuss all details, and information that you need to know or might help you to prepare your trip in a perfect way

We operate with small or numerous groups, individuals pairs trying to maintain a high level of service

 It is up to you to choose the flight you see most convenient for you with Air Company you prefer, while you are looking for the flight

Begin to imagine a time for your trip to Morocco and let us know.


Tele: +212698063810